Foot blisters result from some combination of heat, moisture, and friction. The important casues is friction.


Soft tissue shear distortions occur because skin, sock and shoe surfaces remain in stationary as the bones continue to move within the foot with each step, the skin does not follow. And so the soft tissues in between undergo shear. These shear distortions, when repetitive, are known to cause blisters. If there is too much shear, a tear develops under the skin surface which later fills with fluid to become what we recognise as a blister.


To reduce the development of a blister the following need to be addressed:

  • Reduce friction – lubrication, double layer socks, blister patches or/& 2Toms Blistershield powder
  • Reduce pressure – depending on location, ball of foot; pressure deflecting padding, heel; blister patches
  • Spread/absorb the load – taping to spread shear load using fleecyweb around toes and leuko, zinc oxide tape for other areas. Also, use of double-layer socks.

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